New To Yoga? Things to Know

Yay! You’ve decided to try a yoga class! At Breathe you will find a warm, inviting, and safe atmosphere to experience you first class. Below you will find some useful information and gentle reminders to help you better enjoy your class

Be on time.  Classes begin exactly at the time listed and late arrivals may be a distraction to other practitioners.

Weacomfortable clothing and leave your shoes in the hallway as yoga is best practiced in bare feet.

Electronic devices are not permitted in class.  Please silence all devices upon entering the building as a courtesy to your fellow practitioners.

Adjustments. Your instructor may offer hands-on adjustments during class as a way to either assist you to feel the pose in a new way, or to encourage alignment.  If you do not wish to receive adjustment, kindly let your instructor know prior to class.

don’t have a maT? No worries! We have plenty of mats and props available for your use; however, we highly recommend purchasing one of your own because you will soon discover that your mat is a sacred space reserved only for you.

Have a special Health concern? Please let your instructor know prior to class so modifications can be offered to you.

Expectations? Let them go. You don’t need to be flexible or have prior knowledge of yoga to take a class.  Simply enjoy being a beginner! Come with an open mind and let yoga meet you where you are.