“Asana Flow & Yoga Mudra”

January 27 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm | Investment in Self $15

A Mudra (Sanskrit word meaning sign or seal) is a bodily posture or symbolic gesture, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain.

By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can “talk” to the body and mind as each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of our being.

Mudras to enhance focus, improve digestion, reduce stress, optimize concentration and memory, balance the nervous system, improve sleep, add the feeling of contentment and much more…

Many times referred to as “yoga of the hands,” there are hundreds of different mudras used for specific healing purposes and meditation.

In this class we will dive into an Asana Flow where Mudras will be incorporated combined with Affirmations and Intentions , you will also learn tools to start your own self-healing and to explore the health enhancing benefits of this art of ‘hand mudras yoga.’

  • Class is guided by Lydie Ometto e-ryt500 and author of The top 10 Yoga Mudras
  • This is a special class open to the community during our InnerSea Yoga Teacher Training
  • open to ALL levels of Yoga
  • Investment in Self   $15~ drop in for fun, creativity and yoga
  •  At Breathe Yoga JC


The Light and The Love

February 9 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm | $15

Tratak Meditation special class

Join us for this special meditation when we connect to the inner and outer light
to awaken the focus and the peace.

  • No prior experience necessary – all welcome
  •  This is a special class open to the community during our InnerSea Yoga Teacher Training
  • Open to ALL levels of Yoga  – Invest in Your Light  – $15 drop-in
  •  Guided by LydieOmetto, e-ryt500 –


Ignite Your Fire special class

February 10 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm | $15

Our primary source of light is, of course, the SUN.

When we look at our closest star, we may see nothing more than a big yellow ball. For thousands of years, humans have revered the sun, which is also call Surya, as both the physical and spiritual heart of our world and the manifesto of all life.

As we come together to ‘Ignite Our Inner Fire’ we explore the radiant, solar, fire, power, light aspects of ourselves.

Through asanas, pranayamas, mudras, centering, movement & quietness we find warmth, peace, understanding and a new expression of Self.

  • Guided by Casey Sagers
  • This is a special class open to the community during our InnerSea Yoga Teacher Training
  • Open to ALL levels of Yoga  –    Invest in Your Light  –   $15 drop-in


Journey Into Your Yoga – Yoga Immersion Teacher Training

With Lydie Ometto and Mel Hite, Inner Sea Yoga and Breathe Yoga

Are you considering deepening your yoga practice, or becoming a yoga teacher? Each of us has a unique way we approach our practices.

Whether you want to learn how to guide others along their journey, or deepen your own, this 200 Hour teacher Training can be the next step along your path.

Join us, Lydie Ometto (Owner, Inner Sea Yoga School, ERYT500) and Melissa Hite (ERYT500), for a yoga teacher training that will take you on a deep dive inward while preparing you to share your love of this ancient practice with others.

We bring joy, humor and love with us and invite you to step into your practice in a whole new way.

We’ll gather on weekends, January through June, once monthly (twice in March) and over 6 months.


Techniques, Training & Practice: 100 hours

  • Teaching Methodology: 25 hours
  • Anatomy & Physiology: 25 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy, Life Style & Ethics: 30 hours
  • Practicum: 10 hours
  • Non-contact: 40 hour

The program will be held in a module format over a period of six months.

Complete attendance is required for training certificate & to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT (registered yoga teacher).

** The majority of the Training will be held at: BreatheYogaCenter, at 207 West Unaka Ave. – Johnson City, TN (some exciting field trips are part of the program)

The dates will be as below:

January 11-12-13
February 09-10
March 08-09-10 & 30-31
April 12-13-14
May 11-12
June 07-08-09

to learn more click the link below



Be an Angel in Someone’s Life and
Give the Gift of True Healing from Within.

Gift Certificates Available for

  • 1 yoga class $12 or

  • 10  Yoga class pack $100 or

  • Initial Chiropractic Consult including and first adjustment $100

Purchase online and call 423-282-5483 to pick up gift certificate.