Embracing Well Being, Creativity and Pleasure – A Special Class


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Tuesday November 14th- 7:00- 8:30

This special class will focus on exploring the second of the energy centers in our bodies-
Known as the chakras.

This energy center – called Svadhistana translates to “sweetness” and is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, intimacy, connection and creativity.

The element associate with the sacral chakra is water. This special class will focus on exploring our bodies through gentle movement and flow as well as meditation, drawing and breath work.

We will adapt the curiosity and playfulness of a child and flow and move to foster a sense of presence in our bodies to embrace increased feelings of abundance, pleasure and joy.

We hope you can join us- It will be fun!

No prior yoga experience needed- All levels welcome.

Single Class $12-Series $70

Remaining Classes in the Series Listed Below:

  • Tuesday December 12th – Solar Plexus Chakra – Building Personal Power and Individuality
  • Tuesday January 9th – Heart Chakra – Harvesting Compassion and Self Love
  • Tuesday February 13th – Throat Chakra – Communicating and Speaking your Truth
  • Tuesday March 13th – Third Eye – Trusting Your Intuition and Perception
  • Tuesday April 10th – Crown Chakra – Finding True Bliss

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Single Class, Series